In the fall of 1975, Dr. William Simmons, director of the Institute of Black Culture, decided to share his love of Gospel music with the University of Florida campus. The initial group consisted of 9 members. Since its conception, the University Gospel Choir has grown immensely. The ever changing choir has had numerous members and directors, but the love of Gospel music has remained the same. The choir has traveled to various cities throughout the nation, ministering at various commendable events and functions including the 1993 swearing-in ceremonies for the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C. The choir has also recorded two albums that have been sold throughout the south.

     The University Gospel Choir (UGC) is a gospel-recording, national touring organization committed to uplifting and encouraging others through song and worship. UGC uses gospel music as a mechanism to inspire and enlighten people about the power of faith and encourage them to find a positive outlook on life. Our diversity in both song selection and choir members allows for harmonies and melodies that can be heard and felt throughout the UF campus, Gainesville community, and various cities we visit. We are students who aspire to touch, strengthen and change lives through gospel music.

     We put on two large-scale concerts during school year - one in the fall and one in the spring and we also travel to various cities across the nation during the second week in March for about eight days. The choir has traveled to such locations as: Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, TX; New Orleans, LA; Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We also sing at various engagements both on campus and around the city of Gainesville and other areas in central Florida during the school year.